Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Laundry Room

I think I deserve an award for changing my laundry room so often. Really people I have issues... Well A few years back I did some board and batten on most the walls in my laundry room and never finished the walls behind the washer and dryer. Until now. I finished this a few weeks ago but just got around to the pictures..
This is how it was BEFORE.
 I liked the shelf but wanted the room to be a little more simple. (aka less things to dust, I swear those laundry rooms get so dusty and linty-is that a word? Probably not :)
Down came the shelf and I filled in any holes with putty. Measured my boards and nailed them up.
 When you are doing these projects calk will be your best friend! Seriously it makes everything look SO much cleaner and smoother. I calked every where!!!

After the calk was dry I primed the while space.

Then painted with Valspar from Lowes Ultra White in Gloss. Wow! It really brightened up the space. We have no windows in this room so it is pretty dark. Until now!
Simple and clean just how I wanted it.

Hope you all are having a good time getting ready for your Thanksgiving holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!


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    1. Lisa I can always count on you to stop by and comment. Thanks for being such a fantastic follower. I just love ya! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Have you decorated for Christmas yet?

  2. Lindsay it looks gREat!!!! We'll done :)

  3. Beautiful!!!!! It doesn't look like a laundry! It's a charming place!!!

  4. I am redoing mine and I love this it is so beautiful I was just wondering where you got the flower vases that's under the laundry sign

    1. Stephanie, thanks for your ki d words. I acually got them at a thrift store,$1 for both!😂