Thursday, November 7, 2013


Well Hello! Happy November to you all! Well all the leaves have fallen off our trees where we live. It is looking very dreary outside :( The things that get me thru the winter are food, family parties and decorating. Here are my Thanksgiving Decorations.
My mantle. I made the GIVE THANKS banner from paper last year. I had the pine cones and I got the fantastic boxwood wreath at Rod Works! I got two of them because they are beautiful and you can use them all year long.
 This is my table in the entry.
 Here is my wreath on my front door. I made this little sign with stick on letters from Michaels left over from another project.
 I had the green wreath already I got then at Joann's last year and added the burlap ribbon and the sign.
 My front door.
 I made this picture on Photoshop and had it developed into a pictures at Costco then added brown paper and put it in a cream frame. The picture holder is from Rod Works.
 Thanksgiving banner.
Have you got your decorations up for Thanksgiving? It is in three weeks from today! Time is going by too fast. October was over SO quickly and I am sure November and December will too. Which is fine for me! I already have Spring fever :/
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  1. Your mantel is so beautiful!! Love the wreath on your door too! I've left some raffia pumpkins out for Thanksgiving, but I may start Christmas decorating next week. I just can't wait!

    1. Lisa, I know I am having a hard time not decorating for Christmas early. I LOVE thanksgiving so much and don't want to overlook it. But really the twinkly Christmas lights just make me happy. The glow of the Christmas tree it soothing to me just laying there reading books or playing with my kiddos. I love Christmas!! I can't help it. :/

  2. Lovely lovely and lovely! :-) I cant believe your little thanksgiving people have survived all these years! I love boxwood! ( A plant I want in my Forever Garden reminds me of Denmark) I`ve always wanted to get some wreaths...were they super expensive? And are they real?


    1. Cat, My little turkeys head has ben glued on more times than I can remember along with both the peoples heads! But I just cant get rid of them they are too cute. The Boxwoods are not real I got them from Rod Works and they were $22 each. I had a gift card so I used that :) But they will be used in my home all year round so it was a good purchase.

  3. It is all beautiful!!! And I truly know you didn't make them but those wood willow tree people are AMAZING!!!! Where in the world did you get them!!

    1. Sherry, I got the little people as a gift from my mother in law forever ago. sorry :)

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    It would mean a lot if you could check out my blog.
    thankyou and have a lovely day :-)