Friday, July 25, 2014

How to SKINNIFY any shirt.

 I have been wanting this JCREW factory shirt for some time. Last week they were on sale for $20 and another 50% off, $10.00 each. Perfect! So I snagged 2 of them up. This cream/navy and a cream/grey and a few other things I will show you when they come in the mail. 
I wasn't sure how they fit since I haven't shopped at JCREW for a while, so I guessed with Medium. The length was good but the rest was BIG! S I do what I do to most of my tops-SKINNIFY! Yes, I know that is not a real word but it is the best description.
Skinnified-to make a big top fit perfectly!
 Big and boxy!
 I start by using a shirt with a perfect fit that I already have. I used this one from Target. I turned my Jcrew shirt in side out and lay if flat, make sure all seams are flat. Then I lay my pattern shirt (target shirt) on top of it. Press both shirts flat and line up the neck and the bottom.
 Then I take a pencil and lightly trace pattern(target shirt) onto the Jcrew shirt. You might have to go over a few times for the pencil to show up. make sure you leave a half inch for your seam allowance. Better to error on the too big, then too small. I used a blue line in photoshop to show you my pencil line.
 Use a big stich the first sew, start from the bottom of the sleeve. Make sure the fabric is laying flat, sew up the sleeve to the armpit. Then with your needle still in the fabric lift pedal foot and turn fabric to go straight down the shirt. Sew all the way to the bottom. Repeat with other side. Try your shirt on and make sure everything is the way you want it. Then using a small stich go over the first stich just   to make things secure. Cut off the excess fabric, leave about a 1/4 inch or use a Serger to finnish your shirt and your done!
I love my new perfect fitting JCREW top and can't wait to wear it! You will be so glad you know how to do this it has changes my clothing world. I have a really long.slim torso and small bust and was really limited to just getting small shirts and having them be too short or getting medium/large and having them be to big. Now we can have the best of both worlds!
Thanks for your visit. Let me know if you have any questions :)


  1. If only it were so easy to skinnify ME! lol! Love your new shirt you look so cute in it!

    1. Oh Lisa, you don't need to be skinnified! You are perfect and beautiful!! :)