Tuesday, September 23, 2014

DIY jersey knit t-shirt dress

I have been wanting a cobalt blue dress for some time. I couldn't find one that was long enough or had sleeves or ...well you get the idea. So last week I made one. I am so excited! I know I will be making more of these dresses. They are so comfy, I could wear it everyday.
 This pictures shows the seams down the sleeves and side of the dress.
 I got this fabric from Girl Charlee you can get there from here at the beginning of summer thinking that I would get around to making some things soon. Well I am kicking myself now that it is fall because this is the perfect summer dress. I do have to wear a slip because this jersey knit is thin.
I layed my fabric out on my table and smoothed it. Then folded and laid some of my favorite pieces (top and skirt) out to make a dress pattern. I made it long, you can always cut the length after you sew it all together.
The fabric is folded over. The fold on the right side of the picture. You will cut two of these pieces (one front and one back) Don't worry too much about the neck part I just cut along my navy shirt. I did trim it down later.
Make sure you add a half inch for you seam allowance. When I first sewed my 2 pieces together my dress was rather large. Better too big than too small. But I trimmed it down and sewed it again till it fit perfectly.
You will cut two of these pieces (one front and one back) They will look like this.
After you have your two pieces line them up inside out and start at the neck and sew down the sleeve. Then do the same with the other side.
Then start at the bottom of the sleeve and go to the armpit and turn and go down the length of the dress. Repeat with the other side. try the dress on to make sure it is the fit you want then start on the sleeves or neck.
  I cut the sleeves to a 3/4 length folded it over and hemmed it. (below)
 On the neck I just cut it to my desired scoop neck and folded over the neckline about a 1/4 inch and sewed it together. It is not perfect but looks pretty good for being a first timer ;) The neck needs to be ironed a bit after being on my hanger.
I left the bottom un hemmed. I kinds like it that way. I might hem it later but for now it is fine for me. I kept the length at my knees. I don't want it creeping up my legs when I am wrestling with my kiddos!
I have really loved making some of my own clothing. They just fit so much better.
I will be making a few more things so be sure to stop by.


  1. Lindsay! You are such the fashionista! Loving all your new clothing posts;) makes me want to go shopping:) lovely dress by the way!