Tuesday, February 24, 2015

DIY Artificial Succulent Jars

Ok, I have been a real slacker on my blog the past few months. I have just been spending time with my little ones. And painting the ceilings white in most of my upstairs. I hate painting ceilings but it makes a huge difference in the brightness of each space. It is not very exciting so I haven't shared it on my blog.
I have been keeping an eye out for some cute inexpensive succulents in jar to put in my home. Well they don't exist! for cheep anyway. some I saw at Joann's for $14.99 or $9.99 for these tiny jars with one succulent in it. Whaaaaaat? That's just crazy. So I went on a hunt to make my own.
These are super simple and take like 5 minutes total!
This is what you will need and where you can buy each item.
Succulents: Joanns (these babies are pricey so I use a 40% OFF coupon) some can be as much as $9.99 for one large succulent.
Mine had 6 small succulents for $3.99 the other was $5.99(both with a $40% coupon) for the larger 3.
Glass jars: I bought mine for $1 at the dollar store.
Small white rocks: the white rocks are from the dollar store.
Small multi-colored rocks: Joanns, $2.09 for the bag
Green moss- Joanns $2.79
When you plant "real" succulents you need some drainage like moss or rocks at the bottom of the jar. I wanted mine to look as "real" as possible so I did the same layering affect.
Start with any of the rocks or the moss, place a small layer down and then do another layer of a different rock. I did some starting white first some I did moss first. it doesn't matter just change it up. layer then cut the succulents the size you need to shove into your layers and stay in place.
That is it! This whole project cost me under $14.00 for the three jars!!
Arent they cute!!
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Happy Tuesday!


  1. Very cute! I'm saving this entry for later. I'm not a fan of artificial plants but these are so realistic looking they would be nice in a windowless bathroom. And i think my 6 and 9 year old grandchildren could make these for end of year teacher gifts or Mother's Day. Thanks for really good directions!