Friday, January 18, 2019


Alright my pantry has been a thorn in my side fro years and this is the year I took matters into my own hands and got it cleaned up! Not just cleaned but organized. 

Here are the before pictures. You seriously can't even see half of the floor!

 the wicker baskets hold my kids water jugs, lunch boxes and extra paper towels.
I had some 1 gallon glass jars from Target laying around so instead of keeping my pancake mix and protein power in their bags I put them in the jars. Much cuter and such eassy access.

My kids have loved this door rack. Its so nice for them in the morning when they are preparing their lunches to quickly look in and see what they want for that days lunch. everything about this is making us more efficient, yay!

I added some hooks for my grocery bag holder and apron and broom. and my handy little hand held vacuum sits on the floor. I use that vacuum several times a day. its awesome. 



This rack is amazing! It helped me clean up a ton of the small items that my kids eat everyday. It gave me a ton of extra storage.


Clear bins are a must. They are stack able and easy to just look in and see what is in the at a quick glance. 

These command hooks are to hook the rack to your door so it doesn't move and flop when the door is being opened.

I used these twist ties to hoop the long rack runners together so they don't bend and flop when you open the door. You should only need 4 of these but I ordered a bunch. I am always finding ways to use these little guys.

These clear bins are awesome for in the rack shelves for juices or fruit snacks or granola bars.

I hope you've been inspired to tackle cleaning and organizing your pantry. It really only took me a few hours to get my whole pantry finished. I think this will be very helpful for us because we can see all the things we have and what needs to be eaten up or what we need to buy.

Our pantry is small so using the space on the door was a must and has made all the difference.

Have a great day!
-L I N D S A Y

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