Monday, January 9, 2012


I started to decorate for Valentines. I know, I know it's not even february. But I have to keep doing some sort of project or I will go crazy.

I love old signs, so I made a few. I used a tutorial from Funky junk interiors on how to make old signs. Here is the link. check out her blog it is awesome!

All I did was take a board paint it black and then paint it red and then sand then painted it black again, you want different layers and colors of paint so they will show thru when you sand.

 I got a new hand sander for christmas and WOW this baby works so good it take only minutes to get down to the wood. (as you can see below, it almost worked too good.)

 I just used black, sage green and cream for this "Gather" sign.
After that I painted on two coats of cream paint and let it dry then sanded it just to make it old and worn looking, then I used letter from my computer to trace around  the letters to the board with a pencil. (The wood was soft and it made an indent of the letters)
After the letters dried I used masking tape around the sides and made a little border. Lightly sand to make the letters worn. Thats it! So go get your sign making self on! it is super easy.


  1. Love the signs, thanks for sharing your decorations!

  2. Oh my gosh! I love this. I've been wanting to make a gather sign. Now I know how! Thanks so much for posting! And the Valentines decor is beautiful.

  3. Hey girl! I found out about you on Pinterest and am now in love with your projects! You inspired me to take up blogging again,hopefully to have some DIY projects coming soon. Check out my updated blog:

  4. LUV!!! Would you be willing to share the paint colors/names you used for this?

  5. Just found your blog today and let me tell you I think we are design twins. There is not a single project of yours that I don't absolutely adore! You had me at heirloom white, hehe!