Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chalk Board

My new little chalk board!
 This Chalk board paint is $6.99 at Joanns but I used a 50% off  coupon on it. boooyah! Cheapo!
 I had some extra bead board from my kitchen black splash it is about a 9x10. Put three coats of the paint on and let it dry then glued (with wood glue) to the back of this frame. (Below) I wish I had a cute, more interesting frame but I have used all mine. I painted the frame an antique white.
 tah da! it changes with every season. Sorry for the ugly writting I only had my kids sidewalk chalk. It's fat and chunky and hard to write with. But your get the general idea.


  1. so how much paint did it use...I have a door that I want to paint the inside panels of to make a chalkboard, but I'm not sure how much paint I'll need.

  2. Natalie, I hardly used any of the paint. this little jar would be enough.

  3. Great job! And did anyone ever tell you that you look like Julia Roberts?? :)

  4. Yes, Gloria I have been told that before and thanks because Julia is very beautiful. But I wish I had her big teeth.