Thursday, February 16, 2012

How to refinnish a desk

I was driving to my parents last week and saw a "free" sign. Free! Really what is it?? So I quickly drove over to the parking lot..It was a Wallpaper Wharhouse that was closing down and was getting rid of anything not nailed to the floor or wall. I got some awesome stuff for FREE!! That really is the best kind of stuff right?? I got this cute little desk. It is in really good shape (as you can see) The sweet guy Nick helped me load all my treasures.. I am sure he thought I was nuts..because I was so excited. I got a desk and four nice white shelving units to be used in another project and my dad got a desk and four more shelving units.

We scored big time.. I offered to give the guy something for his kindness a drink... a big mac.. something. Nope he was glad to get rid of the stuff. I was even tempted to buy a paint mixer.. yes a paint mixer I could make any color of paint I wanted, but It didn't fit in my truck.. darn it!

So here is the before, not bad..
and the after:

 I sanded down the top with my handy sander, pictured below.
The into the house it went to be painted.. It was really cold outside. brrrrrrrr shiver! shiver!
Here is the base primed first with GRIPPER sealer/primer then regular paint color Valspar Oatbran.
Then once the paint was dry I flipped it over and applied my Gel Stain-Dark Walnut to the top using a foam brush that I could just chuck after.
The drawer was just a sheet of wood it had not back or sides for some reason. I think it was for a key board. I wanted a drawer so that things would not fall out of it. I added sides, back and a larger front and some hardware to the drawer
It's all finished..
my free desk all done :)

My husband liked the desk so much he took it to use.. he he he.
Have a great day! The sun is out hip hip hooray!!


  1. Awesome score! I guess it pays to visit family ;-)

  2. This is kind of a crazy question but do you happen to know what paint color is your walls in the room you are taking the pictures. I love it!

    1. My wall color is Ventanna from Pratt and Lambert.

  3. I love that table and all the detail on the sides. Great find and great job.

  4. What a great find!! FREE??! It turned out beautiful, great job!

  5. awesome. but please tell me it didn't stay next to that door... so everytime someone opens it the desk gets blammed into!

    1. No I put it somewhere else. That was just the only open wall that was close. Thanks for the concern.

  6. You made that desk look so amazing, what a great free find! I can see why your husband wanted to take it. :)