Sunday, February 19, 2012

a little boys bathroom redo

I got an itch to change up my boys bathroom. On pinterest i fround this great site that allows you to print off their art fro free or you can purchace prints.
Here is the link:
 I go for the free stuff it's good enough for me. My boys love "critters" frogs bugs worms, any thing that flys, creeps or slithers. So what I came across theses insects I just had to have them.
The frames are from Michaels for 4.50 each I spray painted them dark grey and added burlap for the inside mat, added the printables and free wall art..

 Also on pinterest I saw the awesome idea of having two shower curtains. loved it! So I made panels of Muslin- (I wanted a light wieght sheerish fabric so the light would still come in. I had the idea of doing large grey stripes on the panels but still havent decided on that. what do you think??
 Here are the Ballard shelfs I made last year I love the decorating space they add to this small bathroom. I love the metal drogon fly..
This is the drogon fly print out in a dolloar store frmae spray painted camoflauge brown.
 I got these tin signs last year a a thrift store for $1 They were orange and pink?? Those two colors never should go together..( ok well maybe not never but not very often..) So I painted some checks on them in cream and gray and heavly distressed, made a twig star and hung on this small wall.
 Here is another shot of the pictures.. the kids love looking at them while in the tub and brushing their teeth. They have turned out to be a great discussion starter for my kids.
 Here is a close up arent they fantastic the pictures come out looking a bit old and antique-which I love

the boys love the little transformation and that makes me a happy mommy :)
 Have a great day! Thanks for stopping by.


  1. It is very cute! I love the shower curtain idea. The arrangement on the shelving looks so good. You did a great job.

  2. What a cute redo! I love the shelves and I also love free.

  3. L♥ve!! Especially like that grey/taupe neutral palette!

  4. It looks great! Is that burlap I see, behind the dragon fly prints? I love that!

  5. I'm pinning this! Looks fantastic and I'd love to do something similar for my little boy's bathroom.