Thursday, May 9, 2019


I am so glad you stopped by today! Last month I got the itch to paint the wall behind my bed something other than Revere Pewter. I know, I know it's a great neutral color but I wanted something different. so after many trips to the paint store I finally found one I loved. It's called Stonington gray by Benjamin Moore. This paint color goes perfectly with my farmhouse pillows from Beddys

I had my paint lightened about 50%. 
This color is fun because it changes throughout the day in the morning its really light and it gets darker as the day goes on.

Another new addition to my bedroom is this gorgeous Juju hat from Surface Abroad! Isn't it amazing! When I pulled it out of the box,  I was amazed at how beautiful and well made it is. I'm not kidding when I saw this is my new favorite decor item!

Juju hats are the new hot thing right now in the decor world and can be used anywhere in the home. I just knew I wanted one over my bed.

Juju hats made of different bird feathers are worn as headdresses by royal families and chiefs of Cameroon's Bamilike, Tikar and Babanki tribes. They represent a birds ability to touch the heavens. isn't that a beautiful thought.

Africa has a special place in my heart because my In-laws served a mission there for 18 months for the Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day Saints. They had such an amazing experience there and sacrificed so much to help and serve the African people. I like to think of them when I see this Juju hat above my bed. 

Be sure to go to Surface Abroad and see all the amazing Juju hats they have. They come in all different sizes and colors. 

Mine Juju hat is the 20-22 inche size in the Cream/Ivory. The feathers are so soft and textured. These Juju hats are the best quality I've ever seen and I've looked around a lot. 

It comes with a little hook in the back so all you have to do it pull it out of the box, push open the hat and hang it up. I love the texture it give the space. It's simple but makes a big statement! I'm so happy with it!

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