Thursday, February 28, 2019


Hello and welcome to my Spring home tour. 
I could not be any more ready for spring! The town I live in is just gorgeous in the spring. The hills and valleys turn green with grass and flowers and the surrounding mountains still have some snow on them, It makes for the most beautiful scene. 
Until that time I just have to make spring happen inside my own house. 

I found these cute topiary trees next to my sick at Ikea. They are such a fun addition and they look pretty realistic. 

I grew these paper whites and they have been so fun to watch grow. I planted them in mismatched planters an white dishes. and placed them on my wood Serving board so I could move them around my dining table with the sun and when it's time for dinner I just lift everything off.

I collect white dishes and things made of wood. This tray from Rod Works is filled with wood and white goodies. I made the cutting boards that are layered behind my tray, they add some texture and warmth to this little space under my kitchen cabinets.

Look at the sun streaming thru my dining room windows. This is one of my favorite spots because of all the natural light. 

Just some pretty flowers to brighten your day. These are from my husband from Valentines Day. It had red roses in it as well but for some reason they didn't last as long as these did.

More faux plants. this little flower is from Pottery Barn and looks so real!

I recently added this board and batten to my fireplace. It brightens this corner up so much. I adore my wood farmhouse mirror from Target. I added some more greenery the ones by the TV are real! I've kept them alive for almost 2 years!

Aren't these faux flowers so happy. I've had them for a few years and I never tire of them.

Adding some faux stems to a pitcher can help bring the outdoors inside, even if your outdoors looks like mine- dreary and brown. the flowers have helped chipper me up.

Adding pops of greenery is perfect for your Spring decor. It doesn't take much to brighten up yours space with tiny plants in pots.
I like to keep my main colors in my home neutral and add colors depending on the seasons. 
Wood lamps is from Target
White cake stand is from Amazon
Polished Nickle clock is from Pottery Barn
Wood frame and tiny potter plant are from Michael's craft store.

I love to decorate my entry table with lots of greenery. This space doesn't get much sunlight so I have to stick with faux greenery. i like to use old books in my decor. I only have a few and wanted to add to my collection so I took a bunch of old books that I never read anymore and I ripped the hard cover off  leaving just the binding on the spine of the book. this is a great way to add height and texture to a vignette.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a wonderful last few days of Winter because Spring will be here in no time! 


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